Rescue Cats ♥ Doing Good

 (Thanks to Lily Banse for this touching photo)

Feline Fella has a huge heart full of love for cats. Cats with special needs, cats in need of forever homes, and cats wrongly considered unadoptable pull vigorously at the heart strings. We celebrate the world's deserving cats, and we're always looking for ways to promote their well-being.
Feline Fella supports no-kill shelters, non-for-profit adoption programs, and entities that use their resources to safeguard our vulnerable felines. We realize that some feral cats may not be suitable for adoption into forever homes, as their established independent lives and social relationships vis-à-vis humans have determined this; for these cats (often called "community cats"), benevolent trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts can yield positive outcomes. Feral cats are often the forgotten ones, but they can be spayed/neutered, given appropriate preventive healthcare, and then released to resume their sovereign and self-sufficient lives in their communities.
We believe in the "adopt, don't shop" mantra, as there are already many cats in shelters in need of and desirous of good, safe, and loving homes. Buying cats encourages breeding solely for profit and to achieve certain physical characteristics (often interfering with and detrimental to cats' natural evolutionary traits). This means the cats are often viewed as money-makers, not the deserving creations of nature they are; likewise, these cats are often kept in poor and less-than-humane conditions. There's no need to shop when one can adopt – and often for much less money and with better assurances of the cat's true state of health. Furthermore, shelters generally ensure that their cats' health has been looked after, spaying/neutering has been taken care of, and appropriate vaccinations for optimal health have been administered.
At Feline Fella, we say we're "powered by a resplendent rescue cat and his feline fanciers." This is true! This rescue cat serves as the muse and inspiration for our cat-related endeavors. It's not even clear anymore who rescued whom, such is our love for this feline fella! So, what do we specifically do to help out? We use Amazon Smile when making household and office purchases, as using this portal allows us to choose an organization to receive 0.5% of our purchase, and this comes with no additional cost. We choose Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Northern Virginia, as these are the good folks who rescued our feline fella and who paired him with us for his forever home – we obviously feel a kinship with this organization. When we join with other Amazon shoppers and use the portal, our small donations really add up! We encourage cat lovers who shop Amazon to use this handy tool and support the benevolent animal society of their choosing. While this is a regular way for us to give, we also donate periodically to organizations we have vetted and that we believe use monies given to them prudently. 
Adopt, don't shop. If you have room in your heart and in your home, consider sharing your bounty with a cat or cats in need. It'll do your soul a world of good, and it's great karma! Don't forget that differently abled cats or those who may not fit the "cute kitten" guidelines society has hoisted on us need loving homes also, for rescuing an "unadoptable" cat may just be the best thing you've ever done.
Our compassion for others isn't limited to the animal world. Other agencies of goodwill that we support include Special Olympics and The Trevor Project. We can also be seen picking up litter in Chicagoland, and we consider this our self-directed community service. As James Keller said, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." Let's be candles.