FAQ ♥ Cat Care

Coming July 2019! ¡Viene julio 2019!

Just use the "Contact Us" or "Message Us" feature found on every page of this site if you'd like to make a reservation for cat care from 13th July 2019 onward.

The snuggle is real. Kitten sittin' doesn't get better than Feline Fella. Chicagoland's Berwyn (south of W 26th St), Lyons, Riverside, and Stickney are serviced communities. Cats are our favorite people, and we're going to be your new favorite thing.


Hey, feline fancier! Thanks for visiting Fella Fella. We want to put the wow in your meow. We strive to have client-friendly policies and stellar client care. Here are answers to some common queries. If you don't find the answers you need here or on the "Cat Care" page, just reach out to us via the "Contact Us" or "Message Us" feature which can be found on every page of this site. We're prompt to reply and provide the information and assistance you seek.

♥ What languages do you support? Feline Fella can assist clients in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Parlons français, parliamo l’italiano, hablamos español.

♥ Do you have fees for last-minute bookings or holidays? No. Yippee!

♥ What are your additional fees and surcharges? Nit-picky add-on fees are mean, so we don't have any. Squee!

♥ What's your cancellation policy? We get it. Stuff happens. We don't impose cancellation fees. We do ask that clients give as much notice as practicable, and we ask that clients not misuse this generous practice so that we can continue offering this friendly policy to all.

♥ Will my cat get the same cat sitter every time? Yes! Joy!

♥ Do you offer discounts? No. Our rates are already very low, we offer longer standard visits than other providers, our services are unrivaled, and we don't impose holiday surcharges, last-minute booking fees, off-hour fees, or cancellation penalties. We're also unable to lower our fee if you request a shorter visit than our customary 45-minute, 60-minute, or 75-minute visits, as $15, $20, or $25 is the minimum for a cat care visit depending on the number of cats you have.

♥ Do you do visits every other day? If we're the only provider of care to your cat while you're away, we require at least once-daily visits because life can get real in hurry. This is for the safety and well-being of your cat, as well as for your peace of mind (and ours!).

♥ Do you accept gratuities? No. While we appreciate the gesture of goodwill, we don't accept tips. However, you may donate what you would've tipped to a worthy cause. Dear to our heart are SPCA of Northern Virginia, The Trevor Project, Special Olympics, and no-kill cat shelters. Such donations are more than adequate thanks.

♥ Do you walk cats? Absolutely! If your cat likes to walk outdoors and abides a harness and leash, we will happily go for a stroll. For your cat's safety, we do require the use of a harness with the leash. Please ensure that your cat's vaccinations and preventive medicines are up to date.

♥ Do you transport pets? We do not offer cat taxi services. However, we will engage a rideshare service to accompany your cat to/from a veterinary/grooming appointment if you've arranged this with Feline Fella. Associated costs will be borne by the client (transportation reimbursement and a waiting service fee of $8/hour rounded up to the nearest quarter hour). The client must have made prior arrangements for payment to the veterinarian/groomer.

♥ Who has access to my keys? Only one person has access to your keys. Your keys are never marked with your address or any identifying information (we use a coded method decipherable only to us), and they are stored securely.

♥ Do you provide key lockout service? Yes! We're good neighbors and good citizens, so we're there when you need us. If you lock yourself out, don't pay for a locksmith. Just contact us and we'll get your keys to you in a jiffy. We offer this service for an $8 fee.

♥ Do you post photos of clients' cats or property online? No. For the privacy of your household, we do not post photos of your cat or belongings on social media or on our website. We would only do so if the cat photo were so adorable you insisted we share it with others!

♥ When is payment due? Payment is due before or at the time cat care service is rendered. There are exceptions, such as additional care visits required due to your delayed return, or services with unknown duration beforehand (waiting or companionship services); in these cases we will send an electronic invoice via text or email with a clickable payment link upon service completion.

I didn't use all the cat care visits I paid for. Can I get a refund? Absolutely! Just ask for an immediate refund for any overpayment, transfer it to a friend or relative in our service area, or apply the overpayment to your own future cat care. It's your choice!

♥ What if I'm away longer than expected and need additional visits? We'd never leave you in a lurch, and we'd never let your cat go without proper care. Just reach out and let us know how many additional visits you'll need. Although we ask that payment be rendered before or at the time of service in normal situations, this is an occasion when we will send an invoice for cat care after service has been rendered.


(Photo source: Pixabay)