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Coming July 2019! ¡Viene julio 2019!

Just use the "Contact Us" or "Message Us" feature found on every page of this site if you'd like to make a reservation for cat care from 13th July 2019 onward. Cats are our favorite people, and we're going to be your new favorite thing.

♥ Why does Feline Fella go the extra mile? Because no one else is there. ♥

The snuggle is real. Kitten sittin' doesn't get better than Feline Fella. Chicagoland's Berwyn (south of W 26th St), Lyons, Riverside, and Stickney are serviced communities. Take a peep at our cat sitting services, and you'll see we've got your tail covered.
Welcome to Feline Fella, and thanks for considering us (OK, so "us" is really one nice fella and his resplendent rescue cat) for your cat care needs. Our services are splendid and affordable. Our policies are simple, fair, and transparent. In fact, we say an enthusiastic "yes" when others tell you "no." We're a cats-only entity, so you know you're getting care from a cat enthusiast, not a caregiver who just tolerates felines and considers them an afterthought. We speak cat!
Here are the specifics of our services; if you have questions not answered here, please see our "FAQ ♥ Cat Care" page or reach out via the "Contact Us" or "Message Us" feature found on every page of this site.
Free Initial Consultation: Once you've expressed interest in cat care, Feline Fella meets you and your cat to go over your pet's care requirements and your expectations. We thoroughly gather pertinent details so we can adhere unfailingly to your instructions. We take possession of a key if you opt to leave one with us, and we discuss entry codes/procedures. We want to get everything just right for you and your cat. We even cover our shoes on every visit to respect the cleanliness of your home.
Splendid Cat Care Visit (starting at $15 for 45 minutes): Your cat will get splendid care and affection in abundance. Your cat's culinary and libational needs will be seen to, the litter box will be put to rights (the waste will be removed from your property, like it never even happened), and playtime, lap time, face massages, chin rubs, and brushing are included. While we do not administer subcutaneous or oral medicines, we can certainly add medicines to food or apply topical ointments. If your cat walks using a harness and leash, we can take a stroll. A visit is 45, 60, or 75 minutes of goodness, unless you or your cat prefer a shorter visit with minimal services and interaction – please note that the same rates apply based on the number of cats in your household, even if a shorter visit with fewer services is requested. We do not impose holiday surcharges, last-minute reservation fees, off-hour fees, or cancellation fees (joy!). 
$15 for 45 minutes: 1-2 cats
$20 for 60 minutes: 3-4 cats­­­
$25 for 75 minutes: 5+ cats
Additional services that you may request for no additional charge include mail retrieval, rotation of lighting or blinds, watering of plants (manual lawn-watering is excluded), taking out/bringing back refuse/recycling containers, and feeding fish. Please note that we do not care for pets other than cats and fish, and dogs must not be present. Kindly ensure that your pets have adequate supplies for the duration of your absence.
You may also arrange assistance independent of, or in addition to, cat care. Please see details under "Supplemental Splendid Services" below.
Splendid Stayover ($50): We're happy to keep your cat company overnight, all while providing your home with a lived-in look while you're away. We won't even make a mess or raid the pantry. This visit may be up to 12 hours in duration.
Splendid Cat Companionship ($12 per hour): If your cat is convalescing and needs a little extra help, coddling, or companionship, call on us. We can also provide companionship for cats who struggle with separation anxiety. Our customary splendid cat care services are included. There is a 2-hour minimum commitment, and the hourly rate is rounded up to the nearest quarter hour for visits longer than 2 hours.
Supplemental Splendid Services:
Waiting Service ($8 per hour): Feline Fella is pleased to offer you the affordable luxury of waiting at your property for delivery of goods or services. If you need someone to be at your home to sign for a parcel, or if you need someone to meet a contractor or technician, we can do this for you. This service is offered independent of, or in addition to, pet care. The rate is $8/hour and is rounded up to the nearest quarter hour ($8 minimum charge for waits less than one hour in duration). You'll receive an electronic invoice (email or text) with a clickable payment link upon service completion.
Lockout/Key Runner Service ($8): Should you lock yourself out of your house, fret not! Feline Fella can come to the rescue. If you've opted to leave keys with us, we can get them to you for an $8 fee.
Animal Waste Yard Cleanup ($15): Poop be gone! Raccoons and opossums leave evidence of their presence in yards. Feline Fella is happy to clean up the poop and take it away – it won't be smelly in your yard or rubbish bin. Also, we can clean up dog waste and dispose of it properly away from your property (dogs must not be present in the yard at the time of cleanup). This service is intended solely to rid your yard of animal waste, so please note that cleanup of other yard debris is excluded. Standing reservations can be arranged. This service is provided for $15 per visit, and it's offered independent of, or in addition to, cat sitting.
Litter Box Complete Cleaning (starting at $15): Everyone fancies a gleaming and hygienic litter box, but not everyone can take on the chore of making it so. We'll brilliantly tackle the task. We'll empty, wash, dry, and refill the litter box to your exact specifications. We remove the soiled litter from your property. You supply the fresh litter (and liners if you use them), while we furnish non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning solution and other necessary cleaning implements unless you prefer to provide your own. The charge for the first litter box is $15, and $5 for each litter box thereafter. This service requires advance notice for logistical purposes, and it's offered independent of, or in addition to, cat sitting. Standing reservations can be arranged. You may also arrange litter box maintenance for other persons who cannot or do not wish to do this chore themselves. 
Splendid Communication: Communication is important and we don't skimp. Feline Fella keeps you in the know so you'll have peace of mind. You'll get a real-time text or email update replete with cute photos, and these updates may be sent to anyone you wish. We also leave a written note in your home. For your privacy and the privacy of your cat, we never share your pet's photos with anyone other than you or designated recipients (no social media or website posting).
Payments: Accepted payments are cash (you'll get a receipt), check, PayPal (this allows you to use a debit/credit card or a bank account), and Zelle. Payment for cat care is due before or at the time service is rendered, as we do not send invoices for future collection – exceptions are if you're away for longer than anticipated and need additional cat care visits, or if you've engaged our waiting or companionship services for which exact duration may not be known beforehand.


♥ See you soon! Remember, there's no such thing as a spoiled cat! ♥

(Thanks to Erik-Jan Leusink for the fine feline photo)