About Us

♥ We're all about you. ♥

young gray cat gazes up hopefully

 "If you're going to be crazy, cat crazy is the sweetest kind of crazy to be." – MP

Welcome to Feline Fella! Thanks for stopping by. This page may be called "About Us," but it's really about you, the cats we adore, and our shared fondness for our feline friends. Cats are our favorite people, and we're going to be your new favorite thing.

Unrivaled Client Care

The snuggle is real. Feline Fella provides splendid cat care services in the Chicagoland communities of Berwyn (south of W 26th St), Lyons, Riverside, and Stickney. By offering unequaled cat sitting services and congenial client experiences, we intend to put the wow in your meow. Kindness, courtesy, and hassle-free everything are part of our approach to ensure your complete satisfaction every time you engage our cat sitting services. Not only do we run an uber-competent operation with unsurpassable client care, we share your love of cats and interest in their well-being. Yes, we're those mirthful and enthusiastic cat people – and we'd have it no other way.


Our values are simple: Be good to people. Be good to animals. Be good to our planet. 


Our mission is to bring compassion wherever we can. We promote feline well-being, and our cat care services are dedicated to honoring our cat companions. With unrivaled customer care, we seek to provide clients with peace of spirit when they entrust their cat's care to us. Through positive interactions and exchanges, we create empathy and community. Honesty and transparency are core to our ethos.

What you can expect from us are congenial experiences, unfailing reliability, peace of mind, and gracious client care. We're kind, we're quirky, we're appreciative, and we work hard to earn your trust and patronage.

gray cat snoozes in the sunlight by a window and vase of sunflowers

"Sometimes," said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." – AA Milne

♥ We're all about you. ♥